Mind vs. Body

Sometimes in life, you just have to let go of what isn’t important. Search for your inner peace and happiness. Only you can bring that to yourself and only you can make it real.

My affirmations:

Meditate / Eat Well / Laugh often / Be messy / Kiss with feeling / Listen to others’ opinions / Be a great mum / Be present in the moment / Apologise when wrong / Stand up for what I believe in / Don’t be afraid / Let go of fear / Embrace opportunity / Be successful / Go out of my comfort zone / Forgive / Support my husband / Have respect for my elders / Love and squeeze my son as often as I can / Have empathy / Dont judge / Give when I can / Donate to the less fortunate / Be a true friend / Be generous and Travel and experience as much as life has to offer.

What are yours?

With all our discussions in this blog regarding health, nutrition and natural remedies, we need to address the mind. Which is the most powerful. Learning to tune off and unwind for the day is very important in reducing unwanted stress and strain on ourselves.

Try this meditation technique that works for me !!!

Find a peaceful place that you can be on your own without any interruptions. This is really important as its your ‘me time’. Being a mum myself I aways wait until my son goes to bed and I can properly have some time to unwind.
Next, sit still and close your eyes. Concentrate on taking up to 5 long deep breaths to help you relax. This really works to get all the anxiety or anger out if you have had a bad day.
Think about your blessings in life. What ever they are, its up to you. Find your happy place and be thankful to the universe for everything you have, or what you are trying to achieve. Life is a mystery, an adventure and every day is a new learning. Meditation is very important to let go what doesn’t matter anymore. Tomorrow is a new day and you can handle any pressures or issues tomorrow.

God Bless,

Barbara xo

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