The Little Green Olive is about providing  you with insights on easy ‘do it yourself’ home remedies for your hair and skin. We have dedicated our time and effort to extensively researching different topical treatments that will make you simply glow on the outside, but also how nutrition and hormone regulation helps achieve this from the inside. Its wonderful to put topical treatments on your face and hair every so often, however if the whole system on the inside is suffering this will be reflected on you in different ways. I have been on a health journey for over a year now, researching food and health and applying this to my every day life. I have experienced some emotional stress in the past and it has taken a toll on my health. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about the future impacts and I didn’t know how to react and get myself back on track. The way everyone deals with stress is different for everyone. For me, it was a turning point and great thing in my life, as it allowed me to tune into my body and learn a tiny bit of what was going on, and also to put things into perspective on what really is important. I researched and questioned and researched again. I discussed my findings with my family and we constantly looked for ways to improve our health in this busy world of ours. Its only through this that I found some great answers that you will not find at a GP’s office. I found a great naturopath and every time I would visit her I would have new questions with my research. The world of naturopathy is the most overlooked form of healing when it comes to naturing yourself from the inside out. I have a new found respect for the human body and what it is capable of, and i dont take anything for granted. Having said that, I am human and I do slip up but when I do I try my best to get back on track. Its still a learning curve and there is still so much to learn, but one step at a time. When you think you don’t know enough, I believe – you will keep searching for answers and learning new things every day.

So often we see quick easy fixes for hair and skin in social media. Quick weight loss pills, and quick hair growth vitamins. My experience with this is – yes vitamins are extremely important, but so is food. And the importance of a healthy balanced diet should never be taken lightly or overlooked. Our insides are like a machine working in balance all the time. Hair health takes time and is a complex concept. When one thing gets out of whack it will throw the throw the whole system out of balance. For example lets take stress as our main culprit. Stress is huge these days and affects every one in one form or another. Job security, performance at work, the stress of having a baby, emotional stress of losing a loved one. The list is endless. Short term lived stress is no problem as our bodies are equipped to handle the flight or fight situation to take us through the period of stress. Prolonged, longer term stress however, causes a greater impact to the body, both on the inside and outside. High level of stress for a longer time results in the adrenal glands (these awesome hormone secreting glands that are around the size of walnuts) to be overtired and be fatigued. When they cannot signal or secrete the required hormones to keep the system in balance, then major problems  and imbalances occur, and to get back to balance is hard – but not impossible. I really believe that the body is miraculous and has the ability to heal itself.

Your hair is not a necessity in survival, so when the body is starved of the right hormones or ‘nutrients’, then it will take the nutrients it needs to direct them straight to major organs – for survival. Skin is much the same. Skin will suffer if there is a hormonal imbalance. So when we start to discuss health of hair and skin, the insights are complex, and need questioning and researching, and this is what we are doing now and will continue to learn on this blog.  Throughout the site, we will discuss wonderful topical remedies for hair and skin, but importantly share our insights on hormonal balance, how stress can be so detrimental to health and of course how to live a happy carefree life in this fast paced world. So join us on this exciting journey and share your comments and thoughts and let us learn from you too.


Barbara xo


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