Create your own baby moisturiser – for sensitive skin


Your big dark blue eyes, that sparkle. Your little squeal and laughter, which is contagious. The way you love to eat mummy’s food, all mashed up for you and full of goodness. You know who we are. You know we love you. You know you have an older brother, who adores you.

When I put you to bed every night and you blissfully drink all your milk, I look at you and take in all your features. I study your face, ever changing and growing. I think to myself how you grew inside my belly for so long and where did the previous 8+ months go.

When you finally drift off to sleep, and you are still in my arms, I place my cheek next to your nose, and I feel your breath on my face. Words can’t describe the feeling I have as your mother. I want to hold on to this moment forever.

I hold you and kiss you good night and whisper things in your ear. They are only for me and you.

I will love you always. I will come running to you always. You are mine, and I am yours.

Forever and ever.


This post is dedicated to my second son and baby Markus, who had a little bad run of eczema this year. This organic and natural mix really helped clear it right up! It is made with the right natural ingredients for baby’s sensitive skin.

Add in a clean bowl:

  1. Equal parts coconut oil (cold pressed, organic and un-filtered is always best) and;
  2. A good quality olive oil;
  3. Add your favourite essential oil – This time I have added lavender to help sooth him for a good night rest, and some organic pure rose water (heavenly!!!).

Mix all together and transfer to a clean jar – place it next to baby’s change table or in the bedroom of your child for after bath time!

If you don’t like coconut oil, almond oil works beautifully also.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

Barbara xo

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