Beating the ‘winter blues’ body scrub

My skin really dries out in the winter, just like my grandmother’s on my dad’s side. I have her skin and my legs itch like crazy in the winter months! Its so bad that sometimes I lay in bed scratching! So, I threw this together tonight as I wanted to make something that I can use to exfoliate all the dead skin and really get my skin refreshed and silky again.

I used the following of my favourite ingredients and used a pretty jar to put it in 🙂
Note: Just make sure you make a small batch so its kept fresh and you make more as you need it. Keep it in the fridge and not in the shower to ensure its still fresh when you use it next.

You will need:
IMG_1957A mixing bowl and whisk;
Two spoons of raw, organic cold pressed coconut oil (you can source from a health shop);
Equal amount of raw sugar as the coconut oil;
Dash of almond oil (you can source from a health shop);
Dash of argan oil (you can source from any hairhouse warehouse);
(optional – splash of 100% rose water extract).

Mix everything together in a bowl and empty straight into a pretty jar.

Ensure you refrigerate when you are not using it so it remains fresh!

Love, Barbara xo

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