Fragrant olive oil with rosemary, chilly and garlic

FullSizeRender (9)Does anyone know the effort required to work on a farm? Its hard work. But it is wonderful. You breathe in fresh air from the countryside, go for long walks and take naps on the couch. Your lungs fill with crisp air, and your face shines in the sun. In the winter, you gather inside around a stove or fanned fireplace, while your mum makes a roast and your dad turns on the hot water. Its something that is dear to my heart and reminds me of our childhood. For me, travelling to the country and staying the weekend with our family friends or just us warms my heart because, i truly am a country girl at heart.

I have built fences with my dad (yes its true), stomped and dirtied gum boots, explored the dams and my sister and we would ride our bikes over the many acres of farmland. Now I look forward to taking my boys up there also and see them enjoy the farm, the lambs (born straight into the green grass, following their mummies wherever they go), playing with the dog and taking rides in the tractor with their grandpa.

I simply adore olive oil. I think all Europeans do, really. It keeps skin silky smooth, and keeps your heart young. I love putting it in my hair, on my skin and cooking with it every time. Anyone can take on this recipe and play with different flavours and combinations, it just takes some olive oil, olives and whatever ingredients you want to throw in!

My jars (this time) include:

Olive oil + olives;
Chillies (large and small);
Bay Leaves;
Rosemary Leaves

Simply throw everything in the jar & enjoy the fragrance and taste after a few weeks! The longer you keep the olive oil in the jar the more fragrant and delicious the flavours will be.

Love, Barbara xo

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