Steamed mussels in a citrus and tomato based broth

Do you ever get that feeling where you want to jump for joy and squeal with excitement? I am talking food related excitement!!! ha-ha!!

Thats how I felt when my sister and I found this amazing fish shop at South Melbourne Market. Every Wednesday and Friday Mary and I make our way on our lunch break across to the market and take our usual stroll through the lane ways. We stop and talk, and then keep walking some more. We take a few turns and find ourselves in the midst of all the buzz, culture and brightness that is the South Melbourne Market.

So, anyway since this post is about my precious find today, I wont keep bragging on and on about all the wonderful things a market has to offer – fresh and bright produce, deli and cheeses , pies! , sushi.. organic creams and soaps.. Oh the list is endless!

So, back to our Wednesday’s and Fridays – we usually grab oysters and fresh king prawns and stand on the bench eating and talking between bites, squeezing lemon wedges and carrying on with everyone whilst we have a little catch up on what is going on at work.

Now onto the mussels…

This recipe reminds me of being back in Santorini, in the Greek Islands. We ate the most amazing seafood overlooking the  caldera, and watching the most amazing sunset that Santorini is most famous for. I will never forget it ! :0). So to capture the feeling and to keep the memory I have tried to replicate the recipe (well to the best I can.. ). Here it goes.

What you need:

1 bag of fresh mussels from a reputable fish shop;
3 tomatoes;
3 lemons or large oranges (or both, why not!)
1 massive bunch of green spring onions;
Olive oil (probably half a cup)
Salt and Pepper;
1 medium/ large chilly

How to do it:

  1. Chop up all the green onions and the chilly finely;
  2. In a big pot- pour in the olive oil and cook the green spring onions until soft;
  3. Add the chopped chilly (keeping the seeds makes it hotter);
  4. Add squeezed lemon or orange juice;
  5. Puree the fresh tomatoes and add them into the pot;
  6. Season with fine sea salt and ground pepper to your liking;
  7. Add all the mussels into the pot and stir so the broth covers everything;
  8. Cover by placing the lid over;
  9. Watch them open.
  10. Turn off the heat;
  11. Mix through again and ensure all the broth is soaked into the mussels;
  12. Pour into a beautiful white bowl with plenty of open mussels and broth and enjoy

If you love seafood and mussels you will love this – its so light and nutritious and takes about 15 minutes to cook and prepare..

Hope you liked this post! Let me know what you think,

Love, Barbara xo





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