Cure Constipation

If you’re having trouble with constipation, or your little precious one is, then try these remedies below. Within 3 days, my little one was going to the toilet every day! Something he hasn’t done for a very long time.. I always try natural remedies as our bodies are capable and should be working on their own as an entire system of balance.  Not only was he going to the toilet – but he WANTED to go and would tell me he was ready to go. This gruesome task had turned into something completely different entirely! No more was he in pain, holding anything in and reluctant to go. It truly in my eyes, is a great miracle. As a parent you don’t want your kids to suffer with anything preventable.. So I got to work, researched and put together a plan for his diet.  It only took a few days to see a completely different toddler – his mood, his energy and his overall wellbeing was improved. Thank GOODNESS!!!!


  1. Add Flax meal to the breakie every morning (breakfast should always be rich in fibre)

Flax meal has an abundance on fibre, good phytoestrogens (balancing the system), and is rich in vitamins and minerals. Flax meal is ground from flax seeds , which you can also buy in seed form to add to cakes, muffins etc.

The best to buy is from your local supermarket in the health food section.

  1. Buy pitted prunes. You can buy these also from the local supermarket. I place half the bag of prunes in a big pot of water and let it come to the boil. Then, I let it seep for a few hours, strain the prunes and put them aside. I then pour all the goodness of the juice and put it in a big jug container. The prunes then can be mashed and added every morning to the cereal at breakfast time. The juice can be taken each morning with breakfast and throughout the day.

Prunes are also naturally rich is fibre and extremely low in fat – although they contain a healthy and natural sugar. They help soften the movement from the bowels and aid to eliminate and cure constipation.

  1. Flax Meal or Linseed oil. This is a high quality essential oil – Essential because it does contain healthy Omega 3’s and 6’s in which our body is incapable of producing, therefore aids in softening and helps with going to the toilet.
  2. Eat lots of fibre rich foods – Bread with whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables, especially– Prunes, Pears (excellent), Strawberries, Kiwi fruit, Peas and brocollini. Drink lots of water and eliminiate soft drinks and bottled juices. Make your own fresh orange juice instead.

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