Macadamia Oil, Simply wonderful.

Macadamia’s – native to Australia and part of the nut family are simply…  well, delicious. But they do more than just provide a healthy snack for us to munch on, they are actually in one word: Amazing.  Nuts in general have an abundance of good fats, when used in moderation.

Macadamia oil, in fact is an oil that is low in saturated fat (tick) and is rich in monounsaturated  and polyunsaturated acids (double ticks), exactly like my favourite avocado and olive oil, yay! – oh yes and of course – Coconut oil.

Why these oils are so essential in maintaining healthy skin and hair is simple. They are full of the right kinds of fats and anti-inflammatory properties which is exactly what our skin and hair ‘needs’.  Our bodies are incapable of producing Omega 3’s or 6’s on their own, and therefore we need to source them from diet. If we consume the right fats and the right diet, then our system should be in balance. Right? Simple.. But, sometimes not often so simple. How do we know what to eat ?

Well, we need to eat the right sorts of oils – Olive (best for the heart and overall body, mind and health), coconut/ avocado and macadamia help restore Omega 3/6 ratio balance and are essential for maintaining healthy skin, bones and hair. We need to avoid bad oils that are in deep fried foods (canola/ vegetable/ sunflower). We need to ensure we limit bad fat intake (deep fried foods and high GI foods that contribute to creating inflammation in the body), sugar (white processed sugar and processed foods), and eat mostly in moderation. The body takes time to correct and clean itself out, but once it does food is absorbed quicker and more efficiently, and the liver detoxifies food in a better state than if it were sluggy.

So, can we eat macadamia oil and how do we add it our diet? My Friend Stasia who is a blonde babe, with long waist long hair, swears that macadamia oil works for her (and it shows). She swears by this oil and has even said its responsible for her long wavy locks.. How awesome is that.. I can’t wait to buy the truest oil form and I am definitely going to add it to my beauty regimes also. Both in my hot olive oil hair treatment, and even in my salads.. !!! Used in the salad, it has an amazing aroma and a nutty beautiful flavour.. Thanks Stasia for giving me insight to this wonderful oil !! 🙂

On the hair, you can massage it deep onto your scalp to help restore strength and ensure the Omega 3’s do their work to aid in regrowth and shine and lustre and at the ends to prevent the ends from splitting.!

On the skin, used topically it has a non-greasy feel so it can be used as a moisturiser and to help fine lines, and taken internally (eating the macadamia oil – buy from an organic health shop) is the best way to clear and help skin and hair, because as we know the beauty does come firstly within.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed the post! More to come soon!
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Barbara xo

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