ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar – with “The Mother”

The first time I heard of apple cider vinegar was when my sister in law was visiting us in Australia from overseas and was using it as a wash in her hair. She told me what she had done because she had an itchy scalp and was trying to sooth it (probably from all the travel O/s to here). I was astonished that vinegar, yes vinegar could do this.. and more importantly, is it safe?? I started researching it and looking into forums and posts on what it could be used for.
What I found is that the best type of apple cider vinegar is the one you buy from the health or organic shop. Not the vinegar you find in the local supermarket. The reason is the best form of apple cider is the one that is raw, unfiltered and includes ‘the mother’. What is the mother?? The mother is the murky deep muddy living organism that floats around the bottle. This is absolutely essential and full of living organisms that include healthy and living vitamins and minerals. We have all heard ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Yes this is completely true. Apples are low is sugar, give us an abundance of energy and have other healing properties.
There are so many uses for apple cider vinegar – but i have always used the best quality from the organic health shop. And, I’ll list a few of them here.
When applied in the shower after you shampoo, it adds shine and soothes the scalp. You can leave it in or rinse it out, its up to you. I prefer to put mine in a spray bottle ( 3 parts ACV and 1 part warm water) and spray my roots and all my hair to the ends. It acts as a conditioner and as healer of the scalp. I usually leave it in. It does smell very vinegary after the shower, but the smell disappears after the hair dries. And you get this incredible shine. It also helps fight dandruff and flaky scalps.
When we were overseas last year, my son was attacked and bitten by mosquitoes. Instead of always rubbing the same creams on him, I decided to add a bit of ACV into his water at bath time. Do you know what happened? It actually soothed him. It didn’t completely wipe them off, but they were less red and I could tell he wasn’t as itchy. It was a relief! The poor little munchkin was in pain, so you can imagine how happy I was not to see him itching and uncomfortable all the time!
So yes, you can apply it to boils (dilute it in water to ease the sting!) , and you will see the difference. Even as a woman, if you have had something unusual or hurting or stinging/ pain ‘down there’  adding and sitting in a warm bath with a few ACV drops will really help, trust me!
What else can it be used for.. Well, taken orally helps lose weight and apparently can strengthen the abs. It is sour and helps to alkaline the blood and cells. Therefore, it eliminates toxins. We know the body LOVES sour things, it helps to detox the liver and cleanse the blood! Its amazing. It helps to clear out the acne by killing all the bacteria on the surface. Drink it as well for best results.
ACV is amazing stuff, and I buy mine for like $7 or $9 dollars a bottle from my favourite health shop. Oh man, this stuff is amazing.
Mix it in with some nettle leaves and you have an amazing hair remedy, that will leave you with weightless and truly manageable hair. Your comb will literally brush through the strands beautifully with minimal hair fall.
Oh! and you can add it to your favourite salads (get rid of the white vinegar) and there you go. You have included it also in your diet.
ACV is definitely a favourite of mine and my families and we always buy some to keep in the pantry. Just remember – buy the *Raw, Organic and Unfiltered” kind, with “the mother”. 
Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave me a comment if you want to ask any questions or any comment you have on this blog post.
Barbara xo

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