Hot Olive Oil- Scalp treatment

Last night I put my son to sleep and decided to do my very favourite olive oil treatment as I haven’t done it for a while, or this winter so far. In winter the wind is so fierce it dries out the skin, cracks the lips and of course dries out the scalp as well. So this is a perfect way to rehydrate, invigorate and give some more strength and life to your hair. I absolutely LOVE this treatment.
I start by heating up my precious organically pressed (straight from our olive grove in Broadford.. *thanks mum and dad!*) olive oil and was extremely careful not to over heat. If you don’t have organic olive oil, the olive oil you buy from the supermarket is good too! Try and buy a good quality olive oil and definitely spend the money as it will definitely be worth it trust me.
So, you heat it up a little so its just warm to hot to the touch. Transfer to a little glass to cool if you have heated it just a little too much. Be careful, we don’t want to burn the scalp at all (ouch).
Next, partion your hair in sections and start applying to your roots and then work down to the strands. Massage your head as you go.
If you have a dryer, put a towel in there for a few moments to heat and then quickly wrap it around your head when you have finished applying the olive oil. This will allow all that goodness to seep into your head and now you can go and relax and think happy thoughts 🙂
If you dont have a dryer (like me) I usually put a towel on the heater vent for a few minutes and let it warm up like that, and then quickly wrap it around my head when I’m ready. Its THAT simple! and OH so good !!!!
Seriously you have to try this, as its heavenly and so therapeutic it will make your eyes roll back!
Sleep with the olive oil and rinse in the morning. You will most likely need two shampoo’s to get the olive oil out, and only apply conditioner to your ends. Try and not blow dry today as you will dry out the hair again, and you really want those natural oils to do their magic.
Today my hair is super soft, shiny and amazingly silky… it feels amazing.
Try it and let me know how you go & dont forget to comment below!

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