Stinging Nettle tea

Stinging Nettle is one of my all time favourite teas. Its been used in Europe for hundreds of years for making women look youthful – clearing the skin and adding shine and lustre to the hair. I never knew this tea existed, but now I enjoy it every day. Its a little bland, so I always add a peppermint tea bag in there as well and its extremely yummy. What does Nettle tea do for you ? Well, it firstly clears up your skin. I have seen this first hand with women who have had bad break outs especially around ‘that time of the month’. It also helps with PMS and helps reduce cramping. I drink 2-3 cups a day but you can safely drink more. Its actually LOADED with vitamins and minerals especially IRON. Iron is needed for every woman to give us energy throughout the day!!! And can I tell you , you need it MORE if you are a mum. Energy levels in Nettle definitely increased as I notice a huge difference when I have it in the morning. It also helps you to be regular if you are trying to cut down on your morning coffee. One thing I really regret after having my son is not taking enough vitamins and drinking tea and eating the right foods to give me sufficient energy levels – especially after when I returned to work. You live and learn though, and it lead me to this blog so I couldn’t be happier about it.

Nettle tea balances your hormones by giving you the right vitamins and minerals that you need or are missing within your body. Its a tea so it works over time and is gentle, which is what I find is the best way to go when it comes to your hair and skin health. Remember that things that take time to work into your body will have no negative impact to your body in the short term, which is always the safest option I have found.

Nettle tea can be drunk, yes.. but did you know that when you spray it or use it as a tea rinse it just ADDS so much shine and lustre to your hair. If you are like me and have fine dead straight hair, spraying nettle tea into the roots and actually all over will give you more volume and shine. Its so amazing. Do this after you shampoo and condition your hair in the shower and after you rinse the conditioner out – Spray straight nettle tea into the hair and do not rinse it out!!!

Buy one of these spray bottles:








Seep 2 or 3 tea bags in boiling hot water in a mug to make it extra strong tea over night. The next day, add the strong tea into your spray bottle and keep for a few days (not more, as it will start to go bad.. ) and use next time you wash your hair. Try and prepare the day before you are washing your hair so its freshly used. 🙂

Buy nettle tea bags from your local health shop – they will have lose tea and the tea bags, I prefer the actual tea bags but you can buy both.











Nettle tea has the following vitamins in every tea bag:

  • Vitamin A, C, E, F, K, P.
  • Vitamin B- complexes as well as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B-6 all of which are found in high levels and act as antioxidents. B Vitamins are essential for hair and skin balance.
  • ​Zinc (Our body doesn’t produce this so we need to get as much of it from food as we can), Iron, Magnesium, Copper and Selenium (excellent for hair shine and lustre)

Hope you enjoyed this post!!! Leave a comment or question if you would like,


Barbara xo

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  1. Very informative blog and good for us to share our experiences and knowledge, good work Barbara.
    I grow nettle in my garden. It’s easy to grow and every time you chop it off from the ground there is new growth.
    Once you pick nettle from the ground, you can dry it or you can boil it fresh and drink it. If you can grow it in your garden, make the effort to explore this option.
    Nettle is excellent for many things
    Apart from all the good vitamins nettle provides us, it’s also very good for constipation as well as cleaning our kidneys.
    Buying the Nettle tea from the health store, is much more expensive if you compare the price to the safeway nettle tea.
    I normally have two cups of nettle tea daily and feel great.

  2. I need to drink more each day to reap the benefits.. Nettle gives women so much energy due to its high iron content and refreshes and detoxes the skin and insides. Thanks for posting 🙂 x

  3. I never knew how good nettle tea was, thank you for the information and I look forward to growing some in my own garden and trying it for myself!.
    Marie xxx

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