Travel and Escape, live and let go.

I often think to myself, what is it about travelling to new places or even somewhere familiar that makes us so happy and content.. Is it because we discover ourselves, make new memories, fall in love with surroundings and meet new people?

Travelling gives you a different perspective of life – you get to meet people in different circumstances around the world and step into ‘their’ world. You add to your life experiences, learn and develop your skills and open your mind to new possibilities.
When we travel, no matter where we go we take a bit of each experience and tuck it deep into our minds and will always refer back to things fondly or with great enthusiasm.
This photo was taken as we were eating at a small humbled little tavern styled restaurant near the central of Lefkatha, a greek Ionian Island. We were sitting so close to the water we could have pu our feet in to cool a little. The boats surrounding the pier where of course used by the tavern’s fishermen that morning to bring the catch of the day.  Such simple treasures in life, and yet such wonder and perspective. As the boat stood rocking a little by the waves and the kids were playing near by,  I really thought myself how simple life can be….

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