Coconut Oil- Scalp treatment

Written By: Mary H

Acne and breakouts are really unpleasant and can be hard to manage on a daily basis.

The pharmaceutical companies don’t want to let natural remedies slip, just ‘incase’ their secret comes out. Ironically, most of their products do include natural products in them with a different name to sway the customer from buying what is one third cheaper, more natural with an organic body healer.

Looking back to our ancestors who hardly had any money at all, but still had the stress of providing for their everyday lives, we must raise the question to ourselves, how did they have amazing skin, strong teeth, and beautiful hair living under their stressful conditions?

In our times, more technology, more money and more research, but more illness…something doesn’t add up right.

Skin comes in all types and forms, and is affected by various environmental, stress and food factors. Acne on one hand can be disheartening if this has been inflicted upon someone. Coconut oil is one of the most natural remedies for skin to glow, clear acne and balance the skin cells. It is an oil which has natural vitamins that restore the skin back to its natural content, and will be the pharmaceutical secret that one day, hopefully will be exposed.

I am obsessed with coconut oil!! How can you not be? It is a super food and a super natural remedy for hair and skin!!! Not only can you use it into your cooking to soak in all the nutrients and health benefits, but you can use it topically.  The best type of coconut oil to buy is from your health shop. Buy an organic, cold pressed kind. It should cost you anywhere between $8 to $10 dollars for a reasonably sized bottle and more for a bigger one. One of the best skin treatments using coconut oil is to smother your face in it before bed time and let it seep into your skin overnight. I do this every night and I can assure you my skin absolutely GLOWS the next day. Those laugh lines under my eyes are also slowly diminishing if you can believe it! I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I also use it as a treatment on the ends of my hair strands as in winter my hair tends to get dryer.

If you are pregnant, smothering this on your belly will help prevent stretch marks and it smelts heavenly. !!! As a mouth wash, it kills bacteria and germs in the mouth and helps prevent tarter build up and helps brighten the teeth! It also helps with breath.

Oh Coconut oil. So overlooked but SO good. Incorporate into your life and every day routine and you will be amazed..

Below are some of the properties of Coconut oil !!!

1. Helps you lose weight by accelerating metabolism
2. Holds the good kind of saturated fat. Coconut oil has MCFA’s ( Medium Chain Saturated-Fat Acids) which burns fat, keeps depression at bay and immediately burns fuel into energy so you are losing weight.
3. Smoothes out fine lines in the face
4. Smells amazing
5. Easy to cook with
6. Easy to apply on all skin types
7. Holds essential fatty acids for skin and hair
8. Holds anti inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation in the body

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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