Miracles of Aloe Vera Gel

How can something so simple, like a plant have so many healing and neutering properties.. I seriously pondered on this for a while. Its a plant. Well, I thought that Aloe vera was only ever used for burns after many hours of exposure to the blazing sun. Not true at all… Once I started digging and researching I was astounded at what I found, and its so exciting. Aloe vera is excellent for so many things, I am going to list a few right now!

Firstly, if you can buy an aloe vera plant and make this yourself you will be amazed – remember that things at the most natural form are always best. They are pure and straight from the source. If you buy things in a bottle, whilst it is labelled ‘certified organic’ and I still promote using these types of products, there is nothing like the true source as the bottle will have a preservative to keep it from going off.  Also perfumes and additives may be added and hidden that you are not aware of.

We should know by now that anything (fruit, vegetables and plants) green is loaded with chlorophyll – the pigment that makes plants and vegetables green. But why is this so important for us? Going green is excellent for our bodies, both inside and out. Chlorophyll regenerates cells. It keeps our blood alkaline! which means it keeps it clean and pure and eliminates toxins right out of our bodies. Once I read this, i knew that Aloe Vera was an excellent topical gel for hair and skin, and if you can drink it – even better.

For as long as I can remember, my mother always smothered her face and hands in Aloe Vera gel. I remember this very fondly, as it reminds me of how it was when I was living at home. Whenever I would hug her and kiss her I would smell the Aloe Vera and also would look at her in admiration. She looked always so youthful and glowed. Of course, we were blessed with some good skin genes – not always but most often we had clear skin. Still, my mother was onto something! We are taking it to the next level. We have sourced and made a prototype of an organic all natural aloe vera gel for hair and skin. And I’m going to share it with you!!!

Firstly, you will need to buy an aloe vera plant. These are super cheap. You can buy one for around $8 from bunnings warehouse or any plant shop.. The leaves themselves are super rough and prickly so be careful not to hurt yourself. Follow these easy steps:

1. Cut a leaf from the aloe vera plant with a sharp knife. It should come off easily. One large leaf should be plenty for your first sample!
2. There are numerous youtube videos on how to cut an aloe vera leaf to get all of that juicy sticky gel out. Its a bit like gutting a fish- you need to cut as close to the leave as possible. But do not worry if you cut into the pulp as you can easily scrape off the pulp as well with the knife!
3. Next, you will be left with a clear thick pulp. This is slimey and sticky but OH ITS AMAZING! its packed full of minerals, essential fatty acids and anti inflammatory properties!! Its exactly what makes for a healthy and clean scalp. Its going to make an amazing hair mask.
4. Get your mini mixer out. we need to blend this baby up!
5. Cut up the pulp and place it in the blender – try and use all of the pulp, this stuff is like gold seriously and we don’t want to be wasteful!
6. This is where you can experiment. If you have oily skin / oily hair or dry skin/ dry hair you can add essential oil that would benefit you. For instance, my hair is fine and oily, so I can use Tea Tree oil drops and some lemon juice. So I usually place this onto the blender with the pulp. It also makes for a nice fragrance. You can also use peppermint oil (yum) or rosemary oil (prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth). If you have dry hair, I recommend putting in some avocado oil in there or coconut oil.
7. After we have blended the aloe vera pulp right up, we notice some lumpy bits in there. So this is the part where you take it through the strainer.
8. Strain the pulp, most of it will get strained.
9. Place it into a beautiful looking jar and pop it straight into the fridge. It will last up to 2 weeks!!!! Just make sure to label it so no one puts it into the cooking! 🙂
10. Place this onto your face (and feel it tighten… right!!?!!) and massage it deep onto your scalp and hair and let it seep overnight.
11. Rinse everything out in the morning and feel fresh and happy!!!!

Why do this ? Aloe Vera has healing properties that will restore the natural PH balance in your scalp and skin. It will tighten and firm the skin, get rid of blemishes and make you glow whilst gently cleansing dirt and grime off your skin. Second, for your scalp it will promote hair growth, eliminate dandruff and sooth an itchy or flaky scalp. It will simply calm and sooth the skin. Even though its not glamorous you can make it smell pleasant using natural essential oils for your hair type! And, don’t forget you are using preservative FREE product here. It has no chemicals or hash additives whatsoever. Use this consistently for best results.

I hope you enjoyed my unique hair and skin remedy using Aloe Vera Plant..
Feel free to message or email me if you have any questions or feedback on this post!

Barbara xo

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  1. Have always used aloe vera moisturizer for my skin before bed and in the morning for years. My skin always looks good and youthful.
    However, need to buy the plant to attempt the natural option.
    Sounds delicious and worth trying Barbara.

  2. i love aloe vera gel, I will give it a try!
    thanks for your beautiful website, it is really helping me see new and improved ways for beauty.
    Thanks Barbara 🙂

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